Tuesday, May 27, 2008

No good deed goes unpunished

Don't be surprised if you ever save a person's life, then 4 years later they tell you to go have sex with your self. (I'm paraphrasing) This just goes to show that people are people and not these spirits having a "human" experience. (Teilhard De Chardin) Even those who profess to know God can't resist Satan at times and while in back up behavior, spew the most vile vitriol in a tantrum like manner.

Gratitude is not one of man's better virtues. Especially when it is guided by emotion.

Someone once said: " You need to cling to this fact; Feelings come and go, commitment does not."

But I have learned not to be disappointed in man any longer. To quote Peter O'Toole in the movie "My Favorite Year". "You can always count on Duffy; He will always let you down".

I learned long ago that humans care not what you did for them yesterday. Nor even what you could do for them tomorrow. It's what have you done for me today that wins favor in the eyes of the beholder.

And gratitude for saving a life? I guess it's all a bunch of bull shit isn't it?

Ace out.........


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