Friday, June 13, 2008


But moreso, Happy Flag Day tomorrow June 14th. I was actually saddened today when I was in "SAVEMART" and looked down to see 2 American Flags laying on the floor of the store. In my day they were suppose to be burned. But they were wrapped in plastic and therfore I imagine somewhat protected. I reached down and picked both of them up. I brushed them off. Then placed them delicately on top of a Picnic display. (appropriately). The urge to raise hell and complain to the store manager briefly blew by me and I dismissed it as just the feelings of anger trying to enter my spirit again.

Sunday the 15th will be Father's day. I could tell that because next to the picnic display were some awful looking ties and some cheap wallets. lol. I wish my father was alive to wish a happy father's day to. Sure I know he had many faults. We all do. But I'm through blaming my parents (conciously and subconciously) for my lack of an up bringing. I'm thankful that the two came together and procreated me. Period. End of story. What more do I deserve to ask for? Sure I could have been born a Winchester (M*A*S*H reference) or I could have been born a jew in Nazi Germany in 1932. I Thank both of my parents for giving me life and a chance at making the best of it. That is my responsibility.

Happy 13FlagFather's day

Ace out..............


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