Sunday, May 31, 2009

My Cyber Journey Through Racism

Terry Anderson and I haven't exchanged communications since he called me a racist for not supporting the dictator that is destroying our country. You know, the former Crack cocaine user from California that went to New York with no money and a month later was on a plane to Jakarta and Pakistan.

So I actually let it get to me. Was I a racist? I don't hate Obama because he's black. It's because he's a communist. Anyway, I've been browsing two sites. One is "The Obama Forum" which is nothing more than an anti-white "kill the devil" forum. I'm surprised they can use Obama's name. It's disgusting and I would not suggest anyone go there. Not only is it racist, but it's ignorant racist.

The other site I visited is the infamous "Niggermania" site. It's a unique site in that they don't bash Jews, or Asians or any other ethnicity except Blacks. I actually registered at this site to see if I could get a different perspective on why whites hate blacks. I might add that if you cut through the racism, there are some very bright racists at that site that reference sources for why they feel Blacks are an inferior race. They quote Albert Schweitzer in his 1961 book "My African Notebook" where Schweitzer claims he tried to bring modern science to the African continent, but the people were a sub-human race. They quoted Abraham Lincoln who said he made a mistake freeing slaves because he thought they would be repatriated to their homeland of Africa. He said he hadn't anticipated the result of 3 million blacks staying in the U.S. population in the mid 1800's.

I registered at this site so I could learn more about this anti black mentality. I asked the question:"Are all Blacks Niggers"?

I got banned suggesting that blacks were human.

So I failed at being a racist. So there's your answer Terry Anderson.

What did I learn?

What I learned is a reflection of the late great Reggie White's statement that so many in the pressed ridiculed him for being racist.

"All the races have virtues and short comings. They're just different". What I'm saying is, we're much like the animal kingdom. A polar bear is not the same as a Grizzly bear. Further more; you can't put the two in an environment without one getting killed. A Giraffe is not the same as an aardvark.

Albert Einstein once said:"It would be foolish to judge a fish on it's ability to climb a tree".

The problem with humans is that there are enough similarities for us to want to think we are all equal or the same. The truth is we are not. Which race is superior? Ask Einstein. Would it be right to judge Albert Schweitzer by his ability to climb a coconut tree?

I don't think these thoughts or Ideas are racist. I have come to define racism as the linear alignment of the human ethnicity's according one's personal stereotypes.

I won't stereotype the races (although I believe we all do) but I know that they're different. They're as different as Polar bears and Grizzly bears. Recently Wanda Sykes was interviewed and was talking about the press wanting know when they were going to see the "real Michelle Obama"? Then she said:"They just wanna see her go like this (she does the bobble head/talk to the hand gesture)and see her yell, get outta my house".

This is Wanda's stereotype of a black female.

Reggie White once said that all the races were blessed. He went on to stereotype how Jews were good with money, Native Americans were spiritual, and so on. He was criticized by everyone as being racist. But I feel Reggie spoke what we all know. We are all different. One wonders if Albert Schweitzer could survive the African wilderness on his own? Could Albert Einstein ever have a deep meaningful emotional relationship with a woman? Could Sun Tzu run a day care center? Could Paul McCartney play a right handed guitar?

Does it matter? NO !

The one element that we all share is the sense or vibration of right and wrong. Even with varied cultural mores; the existence of the human conscience runs common in all races. It's the part of God within us that separates us from the animal kingdom. But just as we are capable of accepting the gift of moral aptitude from God; we are also free to choose the absence of morality from Satan.

So in the end; it's not an issue of Black or White, but rather Good versus Evil.

Ace out.....

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Psychic predictions for Obama Assassination

When ever I get depressed by the current political climate, I turn to the psychics on the internet. It seems there's never any shortage for predictions on Buckwheat's assassination.

The 2 I enjoyed reading were:

1. Buckwheat dies in a foreign land from a riffle shot. (isn't he going to Egypt next month?)

2. He will be blown up by a white male suicide bomber. (interesting) The logic here was that the SS can't throw themselves in front of a suicide bomber.

In my numoerous readings, I couldn't help but notice how many psychics kept saying they got really bad vibes from Buckwheat. Many said they saw dark auras around him.

Oh well. It was free reading on the internet. Who knows what June will bring?

Ace out....

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Monogamy Part 1

With all due respect to those of this community that practice "polyamory", The princibles of infidelity in a two person relationship is flawed. And when I say two person relationship, I mean two people that have come together under the law, come together under their god and come together under the same roof.

Going outside of the relationship for your intimate needs lessons your relationship because...... you're not getting the most out of what that relationship has to offer. People usually can not see the beauty of what their partner has to offer because they're more concerned with what their own personal needs are or that their partner doesn't know what pleases them.

That's a lack of communication.

If you are in a conventional two person relationship, and your S.O. wants to go outside the the relationship for things that were reasons for entering the two person relationship, eventually there will come a time when one or the other says: "What's the point of being trapped in this relationship"?

What's the point of living with the same person, when you're dinning and sleeping with someone else? What's the point of sharing financial responsibilities if one party is spending the disposable income on entertaining someone out side the circle of intimacy?

Why not divorce and be free to see as many people as wish as often as you wish?

Because deep down inside, we want someone that we trust to be there at the emergency room when all hell has caved in. We know that two people that "cleave together" live longer than those who live alone and use other people for social stimulation. We know that the bond between two humans is so great than when someone in an LTR dies, the survivor usually follows 2 to 6years later.

We know that when you live with someone long enough and are truthful and respecting of them, it makes you a better person. We learn more from exclusive relationships about ourselves if we're open minded enough to look inward and see what it is we're doing or not doing.

Anyone can put their best foot forward in a date. But this person could be someone entirely different 18 months later.

Speaking as a musician; I've dated more people than I can remember. Seriously, strangers have come up to me claiming to have slept with me back in the day. It's embarassing and sad to a point.

And then there are those few that were truly special.

Friday, May 08, 2009

Ben Stein's Last Column

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Thomas Jefferson once said:

“The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep & bear arms is, a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.” “When the government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government there is tyranny.”