Sunday, May 17, 2009

Psychic predictions for Obama Assassination

When ever I get depressed by the current political climate, I turn to the psychics on the internet. It seems there's never any shortage for predictions on Buckwheat's assassination.

The 2 I enjoyed reading were:

1. Buckwheat dies in a foreign land from a riffle shot. (isn't he going to Egypt next month?)

2. He will be blown up by a white male suicide bomber. (interesting) The logic here was that the SS can't throw themselves in front of a suicide bomber.

In my numoerous readings, I couldn't help but notice how many psychics kept saying they got really bad vibes from Buckwheat. Many said they saw dark auras around him.

Oh well. It was free reading on the internet. Who knows what June will bring?

Ace out....


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