Friday, January 22, 2010

One of the Beauties of Growing Old

Last night I was working on a new video project using my new big screen Monitor. This monitor functions best somewhere in the 1600 X 900 range. The video program I have is ancient by technology time.(2005) so it wasn't truly compatable with my new montitor.

So I tinkered with the compatable properties to try and get the whole window on my screen. (It had cut off the bottom of the program)

So I hit a box that ran the program in a lesser resolution. (I think I was tired) And it put me into a black screen with a white window saying : "Insuffiecient Video signal - Change settings to 1600 X 900" Only problem was, I had no access to my desk top.

After rebooting about 8 times with no success (even by screwing with the F1 Bios scree) I decided to undo all the crap I had done post mistake; turn off the monitor, and go to bed.

I had notice that my computer's activity light was working the whole time I was trying to fix it.

In the morning, I turned on my monitor and everything was back to normal.

The older you get, the sooner you become aware of your limits. I figured the system was trying to correct it'self. So I left it alone.

I might not be able to 60 sit-ups in a minute anymore, but I know when to walk away.



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