Sunday, November 01, 2009

STEVE PAVLINA ~ Arrested Devlopment for Regular People

Steve Pavlina is a legendary blogger. He makes his living giving away free advice.

Unfortunately, sometimes you get what you pay for.

I'm not taking a jab at Steve because he's ruined his marriage and effected the future of his children; However I do think it's fair to call it hypocracy when you have a blog called Personal Development for Smart People and a book by the same name.

I had some respect for Steve prior to his polyamory blog. After exchanging emails with Steve, I realized that it doesn't matter what I say or think, we're all going to make our own beds that we sleep in. I do feel for Erin and the children. I suggested that Steve change the name of the site to Personal Devlopment for Regular people, because that's all Steve is, just a regular person getting caught up in his own hubris. Of course I was banned from the forum by Steve for saying that. (and it was on Erin's forum)

Having been on the losing side of a divorce, I do what I can to help others avoid divorce. Steve basically called me judgmental and told me never to talk to him again.

Does this divorce surprise me? I don't think it surprised any of the Smart People.


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