Saturday, October 17, 2009

America ~ A nation divided by Freedom

America is divided. It's obvious in the government that is trying to change the constitution it was founded on. But the divide is not as obvious as it may seem.

It's not divided racially. It's not divided financially. There are those in office that are trying to make the divide one of politics but it's not that. The government is simply using one party to gain control and grow power over the people.

The divide in America exist in the responsible free and the irresponsible free. Those who favor freedom with no limits often refer to America as a democracy. This is not true. America is a republic. We have a set of laws that defend certain rights no matter what public opinion may be. Politicians make their living constantly trying to interpret or reinterpret the intent of these laws. The responsible free want to keep these laws to assure order and prevent anarchy. The irresponsible free believe that Americans have a right to do anything as long as it is a "victimless" action. Responsible Americans understand Einstein's basic theory of relativity. (for every action there is an opposite and opposed reaction) The actions of one effect every one.

But Americans are special. America has always attracted the brightest minds from other countries. American cherish their Freedom and Liberty.

There is a revolution taking place in Washington D.C. by those who want to see America as a communist state. But there is an even bigger "counter-revolution" that is organizing on the streets.

Being Americans; we will deal with this threat as we have in the past, by any means necessary. Blood may be spilled or it may be settled in a civilized fashion in the polling booths. But our polling booths in the last election started to resemble those of a banana republic. Americans will fight to take their country back from lobbyists and community organizers. Hopefully the damage will not be to severe before the current government assault on our country is stopped.

America will continue to be the shining city on a hill.


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