Saturday, August 22, 2009

Politics makes for very Strange Bedfellows

Normally, I abhor the people in "Whole Foods". It's Hippee central. Communist central. I get in; get my water, and GET THE HELL OUT.

Thursday night however, Greta had the most disgusting guest on that called the owner of Whole foods a "Bad Person" for making the statement, "I'm for Healthcare Reform; just not the president's version".

This FAR LEFT Psychopath, said that if the owner of Whole foods is against the single payer insurance plan "State sponsored health care" then "HE WAS A BAD GUY" and this buffoon was going to picket and protest Whole Foods.

I went to whole food today in hopes of clashing with these protesters and was going to stand up for Whole Food's 1st amendment right. (Isn't that typical liberal Bull Shit? If you don't say what I want to hear you're a Bad Person.) I guess that is part of Saul Alinski's rules for Radicals.

As I told Sen. Barbara Boxer, Yes, every American has a right to Health Care. But it's not and never has been the responsibility of Government or the private sector to pay for it.


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