Monday, July 13, 2009

Love and the Housing Market..........

I remember in the late 70's when sexual promiscuity was probably at it's peak; there was a Joke that was indicative of the times. Remember this was before AIDS (1982)

But the joke went like this:

Q.What's the difference between Love and Herpes?

A.Herpes is forever..........

I use to have a blog called ask Ace. People with personal issues would write to me and ask for a "guy's" advice on their relationship. Well, I've decided to do the world a favor and devote the Cafe to nothing but Love and Relationships. It may come as a shock to some of you, but I've changed some of my POVs on relationships.

I use to think that finding the "right person" (or what some poor dillusional people call a "soul mate")was a one shot experience. If you blew it, you were corrupted.

But it really is no different from finding the right house. As a matter of fact, being a spouse is a lot like being a home owner. Not as much as being a car owner because new cars come out every year, but the same mind set still causes married people to look. So from that POV we are much like car owners. We want the newest sexiest models that only needs gas to keep it going.

Houses on the other hand are much more like spouses. Many poets have even referred to their loved ones as their "Homes". Your house is where you go to renew. It's where you go to relax. Your house knows everything about you. It knows how often you brush your teeth, wash your underwear and change the roll of TP.

And just as many families out grow their homes, couples also outgrow their relationships. If you're relationship is a strong one, you have the kind of house that is blessed with a great foundation that you can "add on to".

So instead of just giving up on the old house, you can grow the house you've become so comfortable in.


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