Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Musicians that Made me who I am Part II


I was raised to be a musician. My parents were night club owners. My father was a Chef, who formerly worked as the executive chef at Harrah's Casino in Lake Tahoe.

He also liked to feed the ponies. So one night in 1965 or 66, we were at the San Joaquin county fair and my father was working on the daily double while I had run out of spending cash. Our routine was to rendezvous at the stage after the races. We knew where this was as I use to perform on this stage as did all my siblings.

One night in particular, after the "hula dancers" and "Jugglers" there was this band that came out. Now normally it wasn't uncommon for somebody from "Lawrence Welk" to come and perform. But this band was cool. They had long hair (for the 60's) and a female singing lead. They sang a bunch of stuff I didn't recognize, then right at the end they played "You were on my mind".

HEY, I KNOW THAT SONG. I hear that one one the radio. They were the first Top 10 band I ever saw up close in concert. I'll never forget, the lead guitarist wore a Buck Owens/Abbie Hoffman American Flag shirt.

I was a drummer up to this point. I went home that night and started playing my brother's guitar.

Ace out


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