Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Musicians that Made me who I am.


Many of you know that I was a drummer before I picked up my brothers POS electric guitar. Being a drummer, I was in Love with a Band called THE DAVE CLARK 5. Man I loved the emotions in Dave's face as he was beating on that set.

But when I first picked up the guitar, seriously, it was just after Woodstock. By best friend had bought the album Woodstock AND "JOHN B. SEBASTIAN. John was one of the founders of the "Lovin Spoonful". But John's layed back (more country than Hippie) sound captured my attention at 15 and I learned how to play chords to half the songs on the JBS album.

And as I've told John; the first songs I ever performed live on guitar in front of about 50 people were "I had a Dream", "The Room Nobody Lived in", "Magical Connections", "Rainbows all over your Blues", "How have you been" and "You're a big boy now".

It's funny, I hadn't heard any of my old Sebastian Albums since turn tables went into cardboard boxes; so I bought, JBS, The four of us, and Real LIve JBS on CD.

Incredibly, I knew all the words of every song on all 3 albums.

Here's a little John on Video from the Woodstock era. (*one of my personal favorites)


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