Saturday, September 06, 2008

12,000 miniature American flags Tossed in the Garbage at Denver by Obamatons

Denver Boy Scouts (God bless them) and VFW and American Legions recovered 12,000 miniature American Flags given to "Obama" supporters for a "Patriotic" ambiance at invesco field August 28th. Apparently your average Obama supporter has no time for a souvenir of the American flag and dump them in Garbage cans with black liners.

The BSA, one of few organizations that still respect "Old Glory" rescued the discarded memories from the garbage and gave them to the McCain Campaign who just happen to be in town this weekend for a campaign speech.

Democrats are claiming that Republicans "Stole" the flags to make Democrats look bad. lol Ya right. Just like the flag that Obama refuses to wear on his lapel. Perhaps if they were Che Guevara Cuban flags like the one in the Obama Houston office they would have received more respect.


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