Thursday, August 28, 2008

"He can be pushed around" - Dick Morris talking about Obama~

I think sometimes, you get to appreciate an "insider's" opinion when FOX news has on their notable guests. Karl Rove refused to say certain things because he KNEW it would be related to B. Hussein Obama.

Dick Morris, former speech writer for former President Bill Clinton said out of the corner of his mouth, "Good, he can be pushed around" Dick said this on an upper politcal level. He noted that when Obama was intimidated, he responded, when he was pressured, he responded. Obama's responses are now becoming predictable. I think that what will truly ruin Obama is his own Ego. Apart from having a huge disconnect with the people ("Have you been to whole foods lately") uh no B, is that near Walmart? Obama doesn't have the experienced snipers and master planners on his campaign. Rhetoric and half truths at a convention of your "own" won't get you the blue collar workers you need. I think that by October, Obama will be afraid to breath for fear of saying the wrong thing "ON TAPE".


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