Thursday, August 21, 2008

McCain up 5 points in Zogby Poll

How could the democrats be letting their big chance get away? Personally I believe that this "Bump" is a result of Rick Warren's interviews last weekend.

The McCain strategy is now easy to view. In 2008; We will once again see the democrat candidate getting a majority of their support from New York, LA, and Chicago. While losing the massive sea of red in between.

The Heartland.

In the heartland of America; people, (both Democrats and Republicans) still believe in God, Christmas and Moral Values. Obama exposed himself and his dedication to special interest groups last weekend. I don't think it is a coincidence that Obama took a nose dive in the polls. Refusing to comment on Abortion did not help him. But if his campaign is about change, then it was apparent that Obama is yet, just another side stepping politician passing the buck on the hard stuff to a "Higher Paygrade". The same Higher Paygrade that he will not allow in public buildings.

I could be wrong about the current nosedive. It might just be that as we're getting closer to the general election; America is waking up and starting to realize that their novelty candidate is less like the lovable "Dr.Cliff Huxtable" and more like "O.J. Simpson".

To quote a popular Radio and TV host from CNN:"Communism is Change!"


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