Monday, August 04, 2008

WANTED ~ My old Les Paul

I have been looking on EBAY for a Les Paul that resembles my "First Love". I use to own a Black Les Paul Custom circa 1971 to 1974. I bought it in San Diego in late 1976. I had the pickup covers taken off of it, and I had a special Brass/Bone Nut installed. The top hat knobs were replaced with speed knobs.

I would love to get that old Guitar back. I was contemplating marriage at the time and had 2 guitars. The other was a 74 bicentienial Firebird. I had to get rid of one of them. Truly the 2nd greatest regret in my life. So if anyone out there bought my Les Paul from "Rick's All Music" in San Leandro sometime around 1979, Please contact me.

Ace out...............


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