Friday, July 25, 2008

Stimulating the Economy

Well, I finally broke down and purchased an HDTV flat screen. It's quite amazing. To quote Terry Anderson: "It's like being able to see the chalk board after you get glasses for the first time.

The major drawback to having such great resolution and color is that the actors and actresses look much uglier now. Every zit, every pound of make up every wrinkle is all exposed. Actors must hate HDTV. I have to admit that the best thing I've seen So far has been the Oakland Coliseum and C.S.I. Miami. You see they don't use ugly actresses on CSIM. It's the Menudo of the CSI franchise.

But damn, sometimes it makes you want to duck when you see a bullet coming toward you.

Just wondering what will wear off first, the novelty of HDTV or the Presses infatuation with that scumbag Obama.

Ace out..........


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