Thursday, July 10, 2008

The HYPOCRISY of ORAL SEX...................

"I want to hold your hand"...... Lennon/McCartney, 1963

"I'm just tryin' to get my dick sucked. Aight?"...... DMX, 1999

Wow what happened to the FCC? Do they owe 2 Live Crew an apology? LOL....

"ooh me so horney" sounds pretty lame by comparison.

But the topic today boys and girls is oral sex. So if you're under 13; Please go watch PBT I think Sesame Street is on. But why is it that when women hear the phrase "Suck my Dick" or "Blow Job" or just "Oral Sex/Fellatio" they act disgusted? Is this not just another form of physical stimulation? You never hear of a guy getting disgusted over a blow job. Not even a gay guy. But women treat it like the word KKK at a black panther convention. But the truth is, I've never met a woman yet that didn't like having her clitoris licked. If anything, once the deal is signed (for consensual sex) you better have the right "foreplay" moves before going for the G-spot. What I don't understand is why certain ethnic males openly enjoy having oral sex performed, while refusing to satisfy their female partner orally. This just aint right.

"It depends on the definition of the word is." ............ William Jefferson Clinton

Ace responds: "I'm sorry Mr.President, did you say the definition of the word giz?"

President Bill Clinton redefined oral sex. He put it in the category of an intimate hand shake. But trust me, if you try to get a woman to shake your intimate hand without consent; you'll be doing 20 to life. (except in Virginia) I think the judges in Virginia send sex perps to Disneyland for their punishment.

I just wish women would quit acting so disgusted when they hear the words "Suck my Dick". As a man, I can't see myself getting disgusted by a woman saying to me "Lick my Clit." My response would probably be: " Uh, I'm busy right now. Can I take a rain check?" It just doesn't work. Again, I don't speak for all men. I do know of men who have said to me "Yo; If you can't fry it or barbecue it; I aint gonna eat the mutha Fucka. Yo" (Explicit)

I don't understand. Can someone help me understand why Oral sex is bad? Come on, on the scale of sexual practices, With a Kiss (mouth) being 1, and Auto erotic asphyxiation being 11 on a scale of 1 to 10. Oral sex is somewhere around 2 or 3. I mean, you can do it in the oval office and all that will happen is that you'll piss off a bunch of republicans. By the way, I'm a republican and I was only disgusted by the choice of vacuum pressure that Bill Chose. Come on Bill. You lowered the bar right into the gutter. The Kennedys at least went after Marylin Monroe. I don't know a heterosexual male that wouldn't want their knob polished by the late sex goddess.
Kennedy Marylin Monica

But Monica? Monica? Please! Bill, did you have cataracts at the time? You were the most powerful man in the free world. You prabably could have at the least gotten a blow job from Madonna.

It makes you wonder where the former president was use to sticking his dick down in Arkansas. (Soooooieeeeeeee)

Ace Out..............


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