Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Without giving attention to the hoopla of the killing of 2 illegal Columbian immigrants by a concerned 62 year old retiree named Joe Horn, the above 911 tape and pic tell the story of a man concerned about a growing problem.

My first notice was the poor response time of the police. My goodness, if someone needed CPR, they would be brain dead by the time EMS arrived. 2nd of all, this happened in broad daylight. 3rdly, why are we a country that feels it's OK to let burglurs get away and let the insurance company take the hit?

Ironically, had Mr.Horn shot and not Killed the perps, they probably would have had the ACLU and a TEAM of American Haters suing his ass for everything he owns.

I don't think Mr.Horn is a Hero. I don't think he wanted to murder the two perps. The 911 tape is 8:17 minutes long. I think Mr.Horn is a symptom of America reaching it's boiling point. We're sick and tired of the bad guys winning. (something Hollywood started glorifying in the mid-60's. See Bonnie and Clyde)

Mr.Horn did it because he was pissed and saw wrong and tried to right it.

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