Thursday, July 24, 2008

True Greatness usually has others to do their talking.

We've heard Obama lie about his uncle. (which he doesn't have) Who liberated Auschwetz. (which was actually the Red Army) And we heard how Obama was conceived during the Selma bridge crossing of 1965. Even though Obama was born in 1961. We've seen how Obama was quick to throw his preacher, his church and his white grandmother under the bus for political gain. We've seen that what Obama was being raised on in the United Trinity church of Christ in Chicago was black militant, anti-white/American hatred. Yet Obama used words as "Spiritual mentor" in describing Jeramiah Wright. We've seen Obama's disdain for the American flag. We've seen his disrespect for the National Anthem. We've heard his speeches about wanting to disarm America's nuclear weapons. I think Obama's mission statement is to bring about the demise of this great country. Make it vulnerable to lesser countries so that the America as we "Knew it" will no longer exist.

I can't help but feel that voting for Obama would be like voting for the late Ayatollah Khomeini or any of the 9/11 terrorists. I can't think of a presidential candidate that has had the financial backing of his magnitude, that shows blatant disrespect for this country. And not even Obama can help but use racist comments, for example when he referred to his grand mother as a "typical White person". If any white candidate ever called an African American a "Typical Black person", their career would be history.

John McCain, whom I did not vote for in the primaries, deserves a hard 2nd look. By comparison, McCain makes Obama look like a shifty eyed used car salesman. And unlike Obama who tries to ride the coat-tail of his fictitious uncle who liberated a German concentration camp in WWII, McCain showed the character of a true patriot by refusing to be released from the Hanoi Hilton. He wouldn't sell out his cell mates for his own personal freedom.

The backgrounds of Obama and Senator McCain are as contrasting as night and day, or Darkness and the Light.

Ace out......


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