Saturday, August 02, 2008

Manny Ramirez in Los Angeles

Is LA the city where Famous Bosox players go to die? I mean, You got Nomar,and now ManRam. The problem I see is LA has nobody to hit behind Manny so unless Kemp can up his game about 2 notches, Manny going to get pitched around quite a bit.

He's going to miss the comfort of having Big Pappi hitting in the number 4 spot. Still, this helps LA tremendously. Will the spacious outfield on Chavez ravine hurt Manny's power numbers? I don't think so. Adrian Beltre was able to put up decent numbers in his break away season. But then that was at the height of the steroid era.

It'll be interesting to see. The chemistry in LA is WAY different from the clubhouse in Boston. Perhaps Manny can kick Andruw Jones ass and get him on Slim Fast. Someone should call the guy from the TV series "Paranormal State" and get him to summons the ghost of Nomar Garciaparra. I think when Ted Williams died, he took Nomar's hitting soul with him. (mortal Kobat"Your soul is mine")

This should seriously help put space between LA and Arizona. Hopefully LA will be able to put with Manny's antics until the playoffs where Manny seems to excel like a Saturn V booster rocket. If the Dodger pitching can stay healthy, I don't see any national league competition.

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