Monday, July 28, 2008

Envy, Hatred, Journalists and European Muslims

Obama and his Dog and pony show concluded it's hideous display of political masturbation today. While the Media that was glued to Hussein's side on the 747 took turns kissing the Manchurian's ass, millions of American hating Europeans were cheering the Islamic candidate. Last count was 72 per cent of Europe votes for Obama. And I don't think I'm mistaken but 72 per cent of most European countries are now made up of Islamic Muslims. Just as Mexican nationals are invading the United States and Canada; so are the muslims of the middle east. (Remember the burning streets of Paris in 05?) And if Nancy Pelosi had her way, she would find somehow to register these Europeans. But do you understand that Europe hates America no matter what we do? Nothing would make Europe happier than to see Mexico divide America into a bunch of "Baltic States" like eastern Europe.

They hate our freedom. It's more envy than hate, yet envy is a form of hate. Europe as well as the press/media know that a broken America is a newsworthy America. Tradgedy sells news. The media knows that an America with Obama in the oval office is a vulnerable America. A vulnerable America again is a newsworthy America.

Remember, the greatest of World Empires of all time was the Roman Empire. When you consider the military culture of the time, Rome greatly surpassed anything Greece, China, Russia or The United States of America ever accomplished.

But what was the demise of Rome? It crumbled from within. It was never conquered. Europeans and muslims know this. Europeans and Muslims know that the Democrats are America's "Brutus" and the press are the hungry Lions in search of Christians.

If America allows Obama to be elected, it deserves the wrath of Islam which will ultimately follow.


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