Sunday, July 27, 2008

It's often NOT the Mistake that's made but the Nature of the Mistake

I like to come back to 2nd baseman Roberto Alomar. A gold glove solid hitting 2nd baseman for the Orioles back in the 90's. Roberto got into an altercation with the home plate umpire John Hirschbeck. Roberto hawked the infamous loogie heard 'round the world. He spit in John Hirschbeck's face. And if that wasn't low enough for Alomar; He made comments about Hirschbeck's son who had died of cancer. This was just haneously repugnant.

Now many sport fans agree. If Alomar would have punched the umpire in the face with his fist, or , hell, hit him on the head with a Louisville slugger ala "Juan Marichal", most sports fans would not have condemened him nearly as much as spitting in his face. Spitting is a coward's tactic. In America, we don't tolerate spitting on an opponent.

Sure Alomar stood up and read an apology and donated 50,000 to a cancer research foundation (chump change for Alomar) But again, All of America would have forgiven him had he used manly force to fight Hirschbeck. But Spitting, that's just disgusting.

So I understand the need to retreat into "back up" behavior. We all do it. But most of us don't spit. It's not the offense, it's the "nature" of the offense that gives us a clue to a person's "Character". That one projectile of mucous wrote chapters on Alomars Character.

Baraq Hussein Obama, whether he's aware of it or not, is painting a picture in subtle responses as to what his true "unspoken" character is. His refusal to salute the national anthem. His refusal to wear the American Flag on his lapel, His voting to cut off funds for our troops in Iraq. His statement referring to his grandmother as a "Typical WHITE Woman". His preacher who preaches a form of religion that advocates the killing of white people and "their gods". As Obama dances in the pews.
His wife's blatant hatred towards the U.S. until her husband took the lead in the polls and her famous "This is the first time in my adult life that I have been proud of my country". Great attitude for a potential first lady, ya think?

The latest exposure is Obama's refusal to visit wounded soldiers in Germany. He decided to go work out at the gym at the Ritz Carlton Hotel instead. The reason given was that He could not bring his campagn entourage and ass kissing reporters along for a photo op. Yet he was still free to visit the wounded as a U.S. Senator. He just couldn't have the cameras and Katie Couric hanging all over him. So Obama said "Fuck It. I'll go work out instead" If it doesn't promote his chance to win the election, then to hell with the troops.

That is exactly who this Muslim Candidate is. He hates America. He hates the fact that our young men and women are kicking Islamic Ass in the middle east inspite of Obama's attempts to help the insurgents.

I was never a John McCain fan. But to vote for Obama would be paramount to treason. America will be destroyed if this covertly radical Islamic terrorist is elected.


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