Thursday, August 14, 2008

Little time to blog.....

First, the Album is coming along fine. After Kicking out the first 4 songs we ran into a snag on the 5th which to a lot of re-writing and of course recording. The 6th song I felt was going to be a slam dunk, but it has turned out to be a project.


I'm starting to pay less and less attention to MYSPACE.COM these days as Tom has gotten really greedy and devoted most of his website's bandwidth to loading full length movie trailers while you're trying to log in. Now once you log in; forget about checking your mail or new members.


If you want to get my attention, you can find me at facebook. It's much more user friendly than MYSPACE ever was.

What the hell is Russia trying to do? Start WWIII? I guess they figure it's time to make their move since the U.S. is in an Oil Crisis. Kudos for President Bush send Condi Rice over to Georgia, but if he had any guts; he would have gone himself.

McCain vs. Yo Mama

Once again, Nobama is dropping in the polls. He's gone from +7 on Monday to +3 Today. Now normally, one would say, it's good to be up in the polls. But this is the big "Republican ass kicking" election that the Leftists have waited 8 years for. You would think that with the aweful job little Bush has done as commander in chief; that a sock puppet with a donkey on his lapel would be leading by 20 points in the polls. But as the Pelosis and the other Anti-traditional extremist have siezed their opportunity, it seems they actually think they can put up a sock puppet that is so far to the left that he has not 1, not 2 but 3 Islamic names. A candidate whose guest list looks more like a parole board hearing.

We'll see how much America still loves war Heroes. If you think hard enough about it, McCain is the PERFECT candidate for the Republicans. This is a disposable election for the Republicans. Unlike the Muslim Party, of which this is a "must win" to save face election. If the Democrats can't beat a "Post-Bush" candidate, then they're as stupid as they don't want us to think they are.

McCain has nothing to lose. This is his last shot at the show. If Obama wins, inspite of Rev.goddam America, Phil (I wish I could have killed more people)Ayers, Ludachris (paint the white house black) and all the other American hating friends of his, Republicans can blame George Bush, just as they did Richard Nixon when Jimmy (everybody rides for free) Carter took the whitehouse. Thank God it wasn't Jerry Brown. It never surprises me how psychotic democrats get when they think they have an advantage.

Ace Out...............


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