Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Being a Veteran

Sometimes I think that military veterans deserve special rights over non-veterans. It's difficult to receive an honorable discharge for many. Serving your country in the armed forces says something about a person that you can't begin to appreciate unless you've served your country. Even if you were just a mess cook stateside for four years; you still had to adhere to military regulations. You had to play the game. For many, the game is their life.

The Movie "Forrest Gump" is very accurate at describing the perfect military candidate. Forrest wasn't stupid, he followed orders. Anyone that can check their pride, personal feelings and ambition at the door will do well in the military. This is what makes it very hard for the military to keep great people. What makes America great are the people that are not afraid to push the edge of the envelope. I think that the current energy crisis will force Americans to reach down deep and create from the once envied "American Ingenuity"

This is another reason I feel that Veterans deserve special rights or recognition. Not only did you subject your life to the possibility of death at the hands of the enemy; but you also sacrificed your own personal growth for uniformity for however long you served.

I feel that veterans should have special voting rights that count twice. They should have a lifetime access to special government low rate financing for housing. Veterans should never be homeless. There should always be a place for veterans to stay sponsored by the government when a veteran is down and out.

In many dictator run countries; you have no choice. In America, you have the same rights to bad mouth your country even if you stayed home from the war and played X-box and lived with your mom.

It's just not right. Those who protect America, the military, the Police, the Firefighters, should have a special advantage in this country. The Americans that fought for this country are by far a cut above those that stayed home and pursued personal gain.

Being a Vietnam War Veteran, I can't see how anyone could cast there vote for anyone but John McCain in this election. McCain already proved that he knew more about war than Donald Rumsfeld. He also wanted to initiate the "Surge" that was recently successful 2 years ago. Now Bush is getting the recognition for McCain's Idea.

Would Obama even have a clue what a war strategy was? He still hasn't admitted that the surge was a success.

When Obama was representing slum lords in Chicago; John McCain was already a decorated war hero. At least John Kerry was a veteran. (with questionable medals)

John McCain was being beat and tortured by the same type of scum that Obama has shared committee seats with.

The fact that Obama was even selected over Hillary Clinton shows you the vitriol the leftists in this country have for America. Who could do more potential harm to this country than Obama? Who in the Senate has less experience than Obama? Not counting the two years he's spent campaigning.

Sadly, this election will not be the landslide it should be. Fortunately slightly less than half of the American voters smoke pot and watch reality shows. They (along with our enemies like Iran, the Taliban, Hezbollah, and Hamas) will be voting for this neophyte that refuses to salute the flag.

Obama's speech was "Don't tell me it's only words"

Barock Hussein Obama. (3 Islamic words) Only words? Yes America is that stupid.


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