Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Track 1 Roadrunner......


I recorded Roadrunner because I simply love the song. It was written by Jonathen Richman back in the mid 70's. His version is a typical "new wave/Punk Rock" version of it. Then in 78' Greg Kihn covered it. (excellent version I might add) and I think in 1990 The dark queen of Rock "Joan Jett" did it.

In these versions, they all sing "Massechusettes when it's late at night". When I was covering the song back in the 70's, I always got a kick out of singing the name of the city I was playing in. Sort of a "insert town name here______ when it's late at night". So when I recorded Roadrunner up in Washington, I had to sub "San Francisco" for Massechusettes. And "Oakland" for Cleveland. And in the rap part of the song where they talk about route 186 down by the power lines, I refer to the golden gate bridge. Of course back then they were singing about AM radio and much to XM's pleasure, I recorded "I get my music from my Satellite".

The solo is really good. The dynamics coming out of the riff is sweet. I'm sure Eric Ambel is going to be green with envy on that one (I think Eric recorded on Joan's version).

Anyway it's a great song to start the album out.


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