Monday, August 08, 2005

Minimalism and the Cure....................

What is minimalism? It's the cause of the deteriouration of our country. It's the essence of our country's rapid growing bi-polarity. It's the question:

"What's the least I can do and get by?"

It reflects on our culture's quick fix mentality. Very seldome do we see the ethics of our forefathers that understood the virtue of a brick house. We want it and we want it now. Unfortunately we learn this as children. We learn that we will get our allowance if we clean our room. We fail to appreciate the virtue of cleanliness. In relationships, we have a set of diciplines that we don't cross in order to not offend our mates. Yet we neglect the list of things we could do to make our mates life better.

We go to school to get a passing grade. But do we neglect the learning that is the main reason for attending school? We buy cars for transportation and find it irritating to have to refuel it, do you check the oil? We say we're concerned about our country but do you vote? Has America turned into a point and shoot culture of "Lip Service?"

The answer to minimalism is simple. Ask yourself the question: "What's the most I can do?" Or even better yet; "How can I accomplish the best results for everyone?"

Ace out.....................


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