Monday, August 01, 2005

Oh ye' of little faith..............

I remember back in the day when I was a tour guide in San Francisco. I use to drive a Van once a week filled with visitors from Nevada (it's a whole nother story) And I would show them the sites.

I remember vivdly the mindset or attitude I had when going to fisherman's wharf. I KNEW I would get a great parking spot everytime. My logic was, it's just as hard to find a bad parking space as it is a good one, so I always looked for good ones. about 90 percent of the time, I got a great parking space. It didn't dawn on me till later that, what I was experiencing was the power of faith. Jesus often said in the Bible, "Oh ye of little faith". When the diciples couldn't cast out a demon, Jesus replied, "It's because your faith is small". (I'm paraphrasining) Then he preceeded to talk about having faith the size of a mustard seed. (a minute seed) that could cause a mountain to up and move into the ocean.

We operate our daily lives on faith and don't even know it. When you drive down the road, what gives you the courage to drive in the opposite direction of on coming traffic without fear of the other person swerving into your lane and killing you in a head on collision? What allows you to eat in a public restaurant without fear that your food was dropped on the floor outside the restroom door? What let's you get on an airplane without fear of ending up in a ball of flames?


But what about the faith that moves mountains? That's another story. We have faith in other drivers because we know they are as concerned about a head on collision as you are. We know that air travel is still (statistically) the safest form of transportation. Still there is a risk. But you have faith in "the other driver" or "The pilot".

What about the faith Jesus was talking about? There is little dispute that the miracles recorded in the 4 Gospels happened. I can say without hesitation that my attitude found me those great parking spaces. There's an old saying, "positive things happen to positive people" . And I think this is attributed to a belief in faith. Faith is knowing the desired result will happen. Not hoping or wishing. Knowing. Knowing without logic or evedence is faith. Does faith require a relationship with God? It helps, but I think even demons understand the concept of faith. Peter walked on water until he questioned his faith, then he started sinking in the water.

Faith is confidence without logic or reason to insure it's result. Faith is the key to success. For when you exhibit faith, you conceed that your destiny is in the hands of something much much bigger and far greater. Faith is like a secret weapon. Great things happen to people that expect great things. As Snoopy use to say in the peanuts cartoon "If you expect nothing you get nothing". But............ If you've done your homework, expect greatness. Not failure or even worse mediocrity. Most of us want to slip thru life with no challenges. Most of us are victims of "minimalism". What's the least I can do and still get paid? What's the least I can do and still pass the class? What's the least I can do and still get along? Very rarely do we see an indivdual that does the most he/she can do, just for the sake of doing something right. Do the right thing and expect great things to result from it. They will. Faith is knowing that God wants the best for your life and expecting nothing less as a substitute.

Show faith. It will change your life.

Ace out....................................


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