Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Let the hysteria begin.................

President Bush selected John Roberts as his choice as Supreme court Justice. Is it just me or is the media just getting too full of themselves. From everything I've heard and read, Judge Roberts is one smart individual. He's argued 36 cases in front of the Supreme court and won 24 of them.

The Leftist gorillas (boxer, feinstein, pelosi) will hate him because he's not only white, but he's a male.

Now I'm hearing that the Right doesn't trust him because he's not controversial. GW has the not so popular legacy of his father to live up to. So many are thinking that we are dealing with a "stealth" liberal. Shame on you Anne Coulter.

Judge this candidate on what he's done (as opposed to not done) and not his sex, race or color. These two appointments to the supreme court will be more important to our country than who we elect as president or who has control of the house and senate for the next 12 years.


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