Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Beatles, Stones and other struggling Indie bands......

Let's play liberal historian revisionist for a quick moment. (stay with me on this) Let's pretend that the little band in the cavern club never existed. And let's say the rolling stones parents never got any satisfaction until say 1960 or so.

WHAT IF the British band that took the US by storm in 1964 was The Dave Clark Five? And the Bad Boys of Rock were really; The KINKS?

Just think about that. No Beatles, and No Rolling Stones. Let's fast forward 40 years into the future of our world of "Make Believe". Enter the Fab Four and the Rolling Stones with their genre of Rock and Roll. What would you call it? Would anybody even listen to it? OK, we would have to make the song writing more topical, but do you think they could sell Little Richard Covers and Chuck Berry songs on CD Baby?

Do you think, using the standard Hollywood Formula of marketing "pretty faces, tits and asses" that The Beatles OR TheRolling Stones ever would have gotten 1 hit record? I doubt it. And the only reason I say this is because it reflects on the marketing formula that Hollywood (or New York/Atlanta/Nashville) want to serve you the public. Can you see Ringo's face on the cover of People Magazine as much as Jessica Simpson's? Could you see the public turning their attention from Brad and Anjolina to an unknown Mick Jagger (who now really looks like Don Knotts) and an unknown Jerry Hall? Can you imagine George Martin trying to mix in a P "diddy" rap into Sgt.Pepper's ?

The record companies are interested in (let's all say it together) FOCUS. Yes, boys and girls, it would be easier for an unknown rapper or Metal group to get discovered than it would have the Beatles. Simply because, you can't put a label on the Beatles or the Stones. Subsequently; bands that were influenced by the Beatles or Stones will be lost in a vast sea of talent without a "HOOK", or "FOCUS".

I encourage everyone to tell everybody they know to buy music direct from the artists website. Send a message to the record companies that their "fat cat" days are over. They're doing the same crap they did in 1960 after Buddy Holly died and Elvis went in the Army. They're serving up a bunch of Fabians, Troy Donohues, and Frankie Avalons. Only now their names are Jessica, Brittany and Justin (or Jason or whatever damn click name it is this year)

And people, quit watching American Idiot.


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