Thursday, July 07, 2005

oops, Did I say that..............

Did ya ever open your mouth and out blurted something that got ya fired? Or maybe it led to the ending of a relationship? Something you NEVER would have said had you had a chance to think about it first?

Have you ever considered that your subconscience has a voice of it's own that's aching to get a word in edgewise? I was driving by an old place I use to work, I hated working there, but I was good at what I did and they paid lot$$$$ . But sometimes when your heart aint in it, you just can't help but tell ignorant people to go to hell. Well, I was never invited back to work at that particular establishment, but the truth is (in retrospect) I hated working there and my inner pain in the ass was telling me to leave. Sometimes that inner child (as John Bradshaw calls him) is a class clown. Sometimes he says, "Well if you're not gonna do something about the situation; I will. (especially if he's treated to a little tequila) .

I think the same thing happened in my 1st marriage. You can only play make believe for about 15 or 16 years, then the true feelings start to come out. It's sort of a cathartic (look it up) thing. If you're grounded in solid principals, and your body isn't in alignment with your spirit. The spirit will take over and start saying things like "Well I don't even know why I put up with this crap". Or my personal favorite "I've taken insults from more important people than you".

So my advice for today is, if you ever say something that hasn't gone thru the Politically correct filtering system in your cerebellum, it probably came from your Medulla Oblongata. It's your inner guidance system telling you that you need to do something. If you get fired, maybe you'll find that your dignity is worth more than the money. If it leads to divorce, maybe you'll find that your dignity, peace of mind and sanity was worth more than the company.

Remember, if you feel good about your self, and you're alone, it's called peaceful solitude. If you're feeling insecure about yourself, it's called loneliness. The decision is yours. You are responsible for your own happiness.