Sunday, July 03, 2005

Law and Order...........

I'm convinced that California's law enforcement agencies as well as most other states are in business to make money for the state. If justice is achieved; that's a bi-product. But when laws are passed that enable the authorities to fine you for "not" turning your headlights on when you turn your windshield wipers on; you know it's for the money. Why don't they pass a law making driving and talking on your cell phone illegal. Hell, I'd make it a capital offense.

I truly wonder how much of the punishment for DUI's is driven out the states inability to create a budget. I'm the first to say that reckless driving while drunk is irresponsible, dangerous and unacceptable; but the State of California is considering lowering the limit of the "breath-a-lizer" to .04 ppm. It's currently at .08ppm . Is this because people that drink a half a beer and go drive are killing people?

This holiday, don't get lit and get behind a wheel. Call a Taxi, or stay home. As a friend recently said to me (here in the Bay Area) I'd take a Taxi home from Tahoe, before I get behind a wheel after drinking. (He's a former DUI offender).


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