Saturday, June 25, 2005

Things I loathe.......

If you go to on the left side of the page is a list of things I loathe (defined "don't like-abhore-can't stand-The "H" word) I was surprised to see how what started out to be a top 10 list, turned into a whole border column. The State of OREGON??? lol, I knew things had gotten out of hand when I dispised a whole state of the union. But then again, have you ever been to Alabama? It's a good list. Email me if you were Offended. (if you dare)

As soon as I get the studio back up and runnin again here in California, I'm gonna finish off the new X-15 Album and it will be available for sale on the website. Some of the Free Downloads on the home page are from the new album.

I will be performing in California again very soon. Erich Rigling and I are working on a "Southern Rock" gig (It's his project). Rick Jensen, Page Jackson and I are going to be kicking around a new project called "The AcidTones" . (a retro Britpop/summero'love thing) Dave Kaffenetti whom you know from Spinal Tap will be contributing to some studio work with us. And last but not least I'll be promoting the new X-15 album.

Ace out..............


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