Friday, June 24, 2005

To whom it may concern......

What a great way to start off a web log. I wonder who started the web log trend in the world? Then who didn't have enough time to call it a web log, and started calling it a "Blog"? I figure, this is as good as expensive therapy. Good therapist cost upwards of 125 bucks an hour (U.S) and all you do is sit there and bitch about your life.

So I guess I can be as entertaining as Oprah, as controvesial as Howard, as nasty as Blackwell, maybe even as provacative as Rush. And if I can reach just one person (with my poor grammar, bad spelling and taste) then this will all be worth wild.

I've started a new page on my website called "Inside Ace's Head" . I know it sounds self-indulgent, but I got the Idea from that old sit-com back in the 80's called "Herman's Head". It was a facinating half-hour sit-com (on showtime, I think) about Herman, and the different emotions in his head were played by different actors. Here's a link to the cast:

Notice there are a couple of full time Simpsons cast members.

Speaking of names, Yada Yada Yada pretty much says it all ya know? That has to be one of the Seinfeld's greatest episodes.

Please feel free to email me if I've touched a nerve. I'm going to post on this blog like I'm the only one reading it. (why hold back?)

To all my fans, thank you for your support over the years. To all my pundants, thank you for making me want to work harder. To all my debtors, the check's in the mail. And to you the reader, thank you for coming here.

Ace out........