Friday, July 01, 2005

Beauty Part II.................

In Robert Wright's book "The Moral Animal", the evolutionary Psycologist uses Darwinian logic to explain, why modern man think's the way he does. He also demonstrates in a study done in England that Men do in fact prefer women with big eyes and a small nose. His logic being, as a woman get's older, her eyes get smaller and her nose gets bigger.

By the way, Wright also has a chapter in his book entitled "Darwin Gets Religion".

But this has led me to consider not just modern day perceptions of beauty; but the whole concept of "aesthetics".

The Encyclopedia Brittanica defines Aesthetics as:

(also spelled esthetics), the philosophical study of beauty and taste. To define its subject matter more precisely is, however, immensely difficult. Indeed, it could be said that self-definition has been the major task of modern aesthetics. We are acquainted with an interesting and puzzling realm of experience: the realm of the beautiful, the ugly, the sublime, and the elegant; of taste, criticism, …

I believe we percieve beauty to be a balance of Health, comfort, stimulus and familiarity. But foremost and above all, it's health.

Health is simple:

We are by nature, driven away from the sick. We know that some diseases are contagioius, so by rejecting what appears to be ill, we keep ourselves healthy.

Why do the masses find FAT people unattractive. Because we know that Obesity is a medical problem. Obesity leads one to think that the obese person has little self-discipline. Self-discipline is a key to a healthy life.

What happens to a part of your body that becomes inflamed or sickened. It swells up. Sprain your ankle and what happens? It gets large. When you get a cold and are constantly blowing your nose; what happens to your nose? It gets large. Is it not uncommon for people to percieve large noses as sickly? What happens to an animal that becomes sick? It loses it's coat, feather or hair. Is this the reason for the discrimination against bald men?


Would you rather hold a soft hand, or rough hand? Would you rather sleep on a down stuffed mattress, or a concrete bench? Humans (unless sadist) always prefer comfort. However it is important to note that Humans will ignore comfort to look healthy. (ie, heels to make a woman's legs and butt look more prominent)

Comfort may also encompass their voice. Their mannerisms. Smooth and suave is desirable. Clumsy and awkward is not.


One word - Pheramones

Now I'm not neccasarily talking about love potion #9. But when a human is feeling (how can I say this?) "Right for Sex" I feel a certain chemical attraction is present. This often makes the most plain looking person very attractive.

And Lastly, Familiarity. Familiarity often gives a person an unfair advantage or disadvantage. For example, if a male was taken to the cleaners by his ex-wife; Is he more likely or less likely to be open to someone that "looks" or "reminds" him of his wicked ex? And likewise; If you were head over heels in love with someone that just didn't have the time or desire for you, and you met someone that reminded you of them, would they not be immediately on a higher pedistool than anyone else? Why do large franchise department stores "standardize" the locations of Items in all of their stores. People like familiarity.

On the other hand, lack of familiarity often manifests itself in the form of predudice. It's not like me so I feel uncomfortable around it. It's not like "what I'm use to" (as an abuse victim would say to someone treating them kindly) Spouses of Abuse feel better being around those that abuse them physically, because it's a "familiar" environment from their childhood. Are you (if you are of caucasion decent) able to appreciate the tradition and fashions of African tribes women? Wouldn't you just love that lip spacer in your mouth? No? Because they don't sell them at Macys?

My point is, familiarity drives attraction. (one way or the other)

I'm not saying any of the above observations are right or wrong. But it explains much of our behavior.

What do I find attractive????????

1. Honesty
2. Sincerity
3. Integrity
4. Disciplined living
5. Intelligence
6. Positive Mental Attitude
And the physical features that reflect the above attributes.

Ace out..................