Sunday, July 17, 2005

It's a thin Line........................

As Annie Lennox sang in her cover of H-Town's song "It's a thin Line between Love and Hate". There are many thin lines that we face in life. I propose that the thinest line is between "Passion and Hate" If a person is extremely "Passionate" about his or her work, so much to the point of defending it does that make them a "Hater"? Is there a thin line between Zeal and Hate? I hate Islamic terrorists. I hate the bombings, does that make me a "Hater" or does that make me "Passionatly opposed"? Is Michael Savage full of "Hatred" or Full of Zeal? What is the root of "Hatred" then? It's not to be confused with "Righteous Indignation". Jesus was Righteously Indignant when he stormed the temple and turned over the tables of those turning it into a market. So is it safe to say that God has a certain respect for Righteous Indignation? Is Righteous Indignation actually a form of LOVE? The anger Christ displayed was a form of passion and discipline. It wasn't "Hate" .

Hate comes from ignorance. Hate is unrighteous indignation. Hate is an appropriate word for those crimes that are prosecuted for discriminating purposes. Hate is something that is shown when there is no chance of making a difference. (meaning, the only difference must come internally not externally as in racisim) . Hate is a means for our minds to deal with a situation that it is not prepared to deal with. The rational thinking is; if I hate it, at least I'm doing something about it. This is "HATE".


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