Tuesday, July 26, 2005

WANTED - A Republican with Testicles........

What has happened to my party? Is there not 1 (one) republican in the party that understands the practicle importance of controlling our borders? I (like most fellow republicans) thought for sure that GW was going light on the illegals to secure the hispanic vote in 04. But it seems that there is a bigger picture we're not seeing.

Being of partial Native American decent, I can't communicate properly, the importance of securing our borders. When our European ancestors "conquered" this land in the 1700's; it was in essence the Native Americans inability to secure the borders that led to the demise of the Indian Nations. Have we not learned from our mistakes? Only this time instead of bearing trinkets and viruses, the new conquerer is bearing an atomic suitcase and a Quran.

There is really nothing wrong with our immigration policy. Allowing illegals to stay and gain citizenship is a slap in the face to those immigrants that came here legitimately.

My fear is that President Bush sees the west as a future "America Union" . Similar to the European Union. The only problem is, Canada, Central and South America are not worthy of American citizenship simply because of proximity. Canada being the least worthy. The only redeeming value Canada brings to the table is Hockey. Other than that, it's a great place for liberals to go when they can't take the responsibility of being an American.

Central America offers excellent strategic advantages, and South America has an abundance of raw natural resources . (ie, coffee).

But none are worthy of being Americans. Americans are more than just the population of this country. Americans display courage when called upon. Americans are willing to die for freedom. Americans believe in being #1. 2nd and 3rd place is OK for Canada and Mexico.

Please. If there is a Republican with presidential qualifications that has the intestinal fortitude to put the national guard on the borders. Please see me for more information.

Ace out...........


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