Thursday, July 28, 2005

"I'm not a bad man".....................

"I'm just a bad Wizard." Those are the immortal words of the Wizard of Oz. It's a lot like the line in "Who framed Roger Rabbit". Jessica Rabbit (played by Kathleen Turner) says "I'm not a bad woman, I'm just drawn that way".

Ya know in today's culture that is choreographed by People Magazine and ET, What a person says and what they are can be two completely opposing Ideas. Take for example the late Reggie White. Former football great for the Green Bay Packers. I remember driving home one night listening to the radio and hearing Reggie's "ethnic blessings" speech. Man did he take some heat for his stereotypical analogies. And sadly, most people will remember Reggie for what the press made him in that speech. Only the true die-hard football fans will remember Reggie as a Defensive Monster "Hall of Famer". And even sadder; even less people will remember Reggie as the faithful follower of Christ. So If I could speak for Reggie White, I'd say:

"I'm not a bad Christian, I'm just a bad Speaker"

God Bless you Reggie White.............

Ace Out..........................


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