Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Confessions, Denials and The Wave Magazine........

By now, many of you might have seen a recent editorial printed by the Wave Magazine. In this letter to the editor, one outraged guitarist/singer uses several colorful metaphors (most of which were censored) to express his righteous indignation. Indignant about what? Back in 2003 I sent a video to the Wave in which they responded with great admiration. They went so far as to ask me if I had any high res photos for an article. My photographer and friend, Jules Cisek put together a package on-line for the Wave to use.

The article never materialized. Upon returning from sabbatical in the northwest, I felt it was neccesary to send the Wave my sentiments.


This was done out of frustration.


In the article the Wave Magazine misquoted my letter. They "re-wrote" my text before publishing it. I referred to myself as a "got-damn" republican. They took God's name in vain. I never used this vocabulary. Nor was it a typo on my part. It was an intentional vernacular used to get my point across. (sort of like gosh darn) .

The wave responded in this fashion:

Ace, you got it all wrong, buddy. True, we didn’t do an article on you, but we definitely recognize your shredding prowess. The art and wine festival concert footage you sent us literally set our VCR on fire. Not only have we downloaded the free MP3s from your official website, AceAndres.com, but we also totally follow your blog, aceandres.blogspot.com. Furthermore, we have started to use “Ace” as a synonym for “shred” here in the office. Examples: “Sorry I’m late, but I got so Aced last night on tequila”, “Did you read that news story about the kid whose face got Aced by that pit bull?” or “Hey, could someone call the repairman? The paper Acer is busted again.”


I sent an email to the editor of the Wave apolozing for the inappropriate language I used. I recieved a response from the editor who still says he intends to do the article.

DENIAL: I'm holding my breath.


Perhaps the Wave Magazine would be more interested in my alleged concurrent on-going affairs with both Jennifer Anniston AND Angelina Jolie at the same time. Ya think?

Ace out...........................


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