Saturday, August 06, 2005

What makes America Great................

Contrary to what many will tell you, what makes America great is NOT freedom. It's not free speech. It's NOT the bill of rights. What makes America great is it's ability to kick Ass. Our ancestors came to this land and kicked Indian Ass. *Note (The Indians - my people- showed what happens to a passive society) The English, got their Asses kicked by us. Hitler got his candy ass kicked by us. Japan got their asses kicked by us thanks to Dr.Oppenheimer. North Vietnam did not get their asses kicked thanks to the gutless leftist politician assholes.

And Saddam's 6th largest army saw itself get it's ass kicked.

Without the ability to kick ass, all the wonderful Ideals in the world will be conquered.

It's all about Ass kicking.


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