Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Angelina, Jennifer, Brad,Ted Carol,Bob and Alice.........

Actually I jest when I refer to an affair with either Angelina or Jennifer. (I couldn't get past Jennifer's chin or Angelina's "blow-up" lips) And I'm quite happy with my current spouse. But what is People magazine's affair with the 3 of them? Is it their publicist doing a knock-down job? If so, this is sick. Sick that America must find it facinating. And is Brad Pitt America's bench mark "pretty boy"? I guess the media doesn't want to touch Tom Cruise with his new world religioius beliefs. Personally I stand with Mel Gibson. Gimme dat ol' time religion anyday.

But when did affairs become such front page fodder? Is there a lack of real talent to write about? But I guess talent is an optional non-requisite anymore. Life in Hollywood's eyes is all about lust and reality TV. Are we such a depressed nation? Back in 1929 during the depression, Hollywood (in it's hayday) kicked out glorious movies where the stars were all dressed like millionares. And the actors could act, and the scripts were original. But America needed the glitz to get their minds off of such a terrible economic time. The movies were the last affordable form of entertainment.

But most movies by today's standards lack creativety, originality or acting skills. Most movies today are a 110 minute beauty pagent with car wrecks and talking dogs. This goes back to an earlier topic I brought up called "The lethargy of a nation". For those of you that are just interested in my metal sound; Lethargy means "stoned" or "unable to respond". In the 30's you had to concentrate on the plot of a movie. Now days most viewers are content with gratuitous butt shotts from various camera angles.


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