Thursday, August 11, 2005

One loooooong night....................

Well, I spent last night in the Emergency room at Stanford University Hospital. I walk away with this lesson learned: If your dying and only have a few hours to live, let them take you to a University Hospital. (by then you might not have any chance anyway) But if you're not in danger of dying, go to a private hospital. There's something about the mentality of a university hospital employee that's just different from a private hospital employee. They move in University mode where the patients just don't seem real. They just have no compassion or empathy for real pain. It's all just clinical.

I won't go into to the dirty laundry of what sucked at Stanford (since it's my old home) but just keep in mind, go there if you need acute (serious) treatment, go someplace else if not.

A very tired Ace out...........................


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