Friday, August 12, 2005

Illegal immigration aka the Invasion.................

OK, let's clear the air. At first thought, a shallow minded person would think; what's wrong with people coming into our country? It was founded by immigrants from Europe.

The 2nd shallow interpretation would be; THEY'RE TAKING OUR JOBS !!!!!!

But once you erase the emotion from the issue and give it some serious thought, the only difference from an invasion and an" influx of undocumented immigrants" is........... well, is none.

And in many cases, some of the illegals coming across our borders are just as heavily armed as an invading army.

This country does have immigration laws. And much to the lefts dismay, many honest law abiding people come into this country legally. To even suggest amnesty for those that have scampered into our country like cockroaches is pure insanity and a slap in the face of those that have obeyed the laws of immigration and come into this country the correct and lawful way. And I have to include President Bush in this list of politicians willing to slap the faces of the lawful immigrants. Had the demorcrats had a halfway legitimate candidate for president instead of that two-faced Imbecile flip flop Kerry, Bush might be spending all the time he wants in Texas. Of course the democrats will love it as it's more for their "hand out" contingency. Why do you think their are so many leftist states like Washington and Oregon (and yes California) that are trying to make it easy for illegals to get drivers licenses? So they can vote. The democrats are trying their hardest to tear apart the fabric that made this country the world power it has become.

Speaking of world powers; nothing can compare to the world dominance that the Roman empire had. But who conquered the Roman Empire?

It crumbled from within.

Such is the same scenario going on in the United States today. Only the word "United" is being actively assaulted by gorillas on the left like Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein and Barbara Boxer. Personally, I don't think you should have any say so in how the country is run, unless you've served in the military. Agree to put your life on the line for the freedom of your country, then you can decide what's right for your fellow Americans. Until you've done that, you're just a back seat driver with a loud mouth.


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