Saturday, August 13, 2005

New X-15 Album............

In the next 2 weeks (or sooner) The world will be able to buy "American Infidel". This is a collection of "Power/Punk/Metal/Rock" That I recorded while working on "Hunka Gyrations". This stuff was actually too cool to put on Hunka Gyrations. The good news is, I'll be selling it "CHEAP". From my website it will go for 10.00 and that includes SHIPPING AND HANDLING. You'll be able to use Paypal to pay for it.

10 percent of all the album sales (not profit) will to directly to the California Veterans Assistance Foundation. This is a very cool (low profile) Organization that helps homeless Veterans. Yes there is about 800,000 homeless veterans in our country. The CVAF helps the Veterans in California. It seems that most of the effect help comes from Local organizations.

The album is a good one. It has a couple of tunes from the Hunka album (which I'm sad to say, never got released commercially) I've included "California Sun and Lucille" . I expect to sell many copies of "Infidel". The Album cover sort of says it all. Us Infidels can go to the moon, stamp out polio and cure diseases that use to kill millions ; and we're the bad guys?

Ace out.............


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