Monday, August 29, 2005

Good bye to Innocense................

They say that the 60's represented the death of Innocense. That makes me sad. As much as we discovered our sexuality, wouldn't it have been more fun to examine it in private? Now 3rd grade girls dress like prostitutes. They play with dolls that look like prostitutes and a virgin in junior high is almost unheard of. What did we benefit from this?

Rape or Sex Crimes in the northwest grew by 1000 percent between 1998 and 2000. It surged from 1500 to 15,000. Is this because boys don't know the limits of the sexual revolution? Teenage pregnancies in the 50's were almost unheard of. Abortions were never meant to be used as a form of birth control.

I use to enjoy the old Rock Hudson/Doris Day movies were you could get a woody from a romantic kiss. Now it seems producers aren't happy unless there is some form of asphyxiaton involved with the brutal sex. Sex, not Love.

Ozzie and Harriet, where have you gone?

Ace out..........................


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