Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Track 2 "Talk Radio"..........

I wrote this song at the end of 2003 while riding Jets between Washington and California. It's a song about the phenomena of Talk Radio. Actually it's nothing but rhyming one-liners from any typical Talk Radio Show:

Thank you Laura for taking my call (That means Laura Ingraham, not Schlessinger)

I'm a long time listener ............(This line is usually followed by "first time caller")

Don't ask how are you cuz we really don't care......... (this is the single biggest waste of time on talk radio. A caller gets on the air then says Hi Rusch, "How ya doing?" Please, don't....

Turn down your radio you're on the air.............. (People always want to hear themselves on the radio and aren't aware of the 5 second delay that's incredibly annoying)

Who's looking out for me, I don't know............... (This is a comment on Bill O'rielly)

I gotta hear it when I'm driving in my car, They'll let you on the air they don't care who you are. (That pretty much says it all)

I wanted to add that the guitar solos on this song represent some of the "tastiest" guitar riffs I've ever written and recorded. It's a cross between Eddie Van Halen's solo on "Jump" and Donald Fagan's "My old school" .

Of all the guitar tracks I've recorded, this one is my favorite.

Ace out...........


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