Friday, May 11, 2012

Voter Fraud 2012 is well UNDER WAY

When moving from one part of town to another; it’s your responsibility to re-register or notify the county registrar of voters that you’ve moved. Being the responsible republican that I am; I went on line, down loaded the forms, filled them out completely then mailed them (with stamp) to the county office in the next city.
It’s important to note that I know my mail delivery person. He often gets out of his truck and hand delivers the mail to me if he sees I’m at home. There are no animals in my yard nor is there even a mail box on my property. The houses on my street (a court) all have a collection of mail boxes in one spot that is easy for Robert to drive up and deliver the mail without leaving his vehicle.

This week I received my primary election voting info. Today I got a sample ballot. Only problem was; it had the old home owner’s name on it. Upon noticing this, I called the office of Voters registration to find out what my status was. They had me listed, but I was “INACTIVE”. They told me my voter packet was returned to them marked “Undeliverable”. I was then marked inactive. I wonder how many other republicans have been marked "INACTIVE".  Is this the latest technique to reduce republican turn out ? And by the way, I wonder who has my absentee ballot?

               I smell voter fraud.  Republicans, Independents and Libertarians - Beware !



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