Monday, April 02, 2012


I think Rick Santorum could have been a good president at another time under different circumstances. While watching the first dozen debates, I felt Rick was hitting solid line drive base hits when Cain was shouting 999 and Rick Perry "Stepped in it". He courageously took on Rick Perry on Immigration, as he did Newt Gingrich. He exposed the lunacy of Ron Paul's Middle East doctrine. But... as those who meant well dropped out; Santorum had to put the rubber to the road. Going toe to toe with Mitt Romney is when Rick lost his message and things got ugly. He saw the Romney ads devour and diminish Newt Gingrich. Then he tried attacking Romney in the same fashion. His frustration level at times brought him to the point of "Whining sound bites" about the Romney machine outspending Santorum 4 to 1, then 6 to 1 now it's 10 to 1.

Reality check: Hollywood and Big Unions are going to be spending way more than Romney is now.

The subtle truth is; the principle that is working for Romney is what is causing Santorum to resort to desperate attacks. Romney has taken this election seriously for a long time now. He has a national campaign in place. Rick and Newt didn't even get on the ballot in several states or precincts. This kind of poor management will not cut through the lies and manipulations the Marxist in chief has planned. In other words, If Rick Santorum can't beat Mitt Romney, or cries about the Romney Campaign; what’s he going to do against the real enemy? Santorum under less vital circumstances would be a much more serious contender. But the narrative has gone from who do you like to "Who is the best candidate to beat the Maoist in the WH"?

Mitt Romney is proving in this long primary that his executive skills will help beat BO & grow this economy. The argument that he's too rich to understand the common man is absurd. You've got a street person in the white house now. How's that working out for America?

Many of Santorum's TV attacks on Romney have actually come from the Obama re-election campaign. That has to make Rick question his real support. Unfortunately, Rick is now starting to use leftist attacks spawned by Obama to save his shadow of a campaign. He's starting to repeat the lies of the Midstream Media. I didn't want to see Rick's campaign come to this. Hopefully the circus will end tomorrow. If Rick gets out, Newt and RP should question why they are still in it.

So should America.


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