Friday, November 25, 2011

The Lay over ~ Tony finally sells out !

If you're a follower of author and Chef Anthony Bourdain; by now you've come to admire his overt feelings towards travel and tourism. You've undoubtedly heard Mr.Bourdain talk about milking this ride as long as he can. Well, the latter part is now and his new show "The Lay Over" is proof. Tony use to make fun of Rachel Ray for doing shows like this.

Tony and I are almost exactly the same age. I've had to cut back (almost retire) from my music career "due to age". If Tony is feeling like I am, then he just doesn't want to get into the shark infested waters anymore, or Bunji jump off tall buildings. I blame him not. But If you've followed his sincere interviews over the years (Tony vs. Ted Nugent/Tony vs. David Johansen) you gained a modicum of respect for the middle age post food/Punk star. I know, I was featured on one of his commercials in 2010. I had a scary feeling I was doing a commercial that would become his Swan Song.

Tony, We don't want to know what the airport gift shop looks like in Singapore. We want to see you eating slow roasted pig in the jungles of the Phillipines. We want to see you firing an AR-15 with Uncle Ted in Texas or eating "The Big Unit" at Alice Cooper's town.

We long for the Steve McQueen shots of a Mustang GT flying over Powell and California street in the city by the bay (doing your best remake of Bullet).

But Tony, it seems the Travel Channel has clipped your manhood in an effort to create a new version of Rachel/Samantha Brown. -- May it never be.



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