Monday, March 28, 2011

I Survived.....Beyond and Back

The spin off "I survived..... Beyond and Back" ended with a great episode. I had been waiting for this episode. Although they hinted a bit about darkness, this episode came right out ahd used the H word.

For those of you who haven't seen the series, It's a reality show based on NDE stories or "Near Death Experiences". I think the series ran 8 weeks and over the 2 month course, you heard many of the same adjectives and verbs such as, "I had an out of body experience" , "I saw the bright light that felt like endless love", and so on. Go to if you want hours of endless reading. But the story for most of the series was repetitive. The person (first name only) has surgery or and accident etc, and the heart stops. The soul leaves the body and astral travels. The soul is told by a relative or something percieved as divine that: "It's not your time". The soul is rushed back into body and brought back to life. The confessions were very routine about hovering over there body, then going towards a warm light that gave the feeling of love. Giving you the secure feeling that death is fine. No problems. Nothing to see here move along.

In the finale; Matthew is shot in the head by a drive by in Atlanta. In a split second he is dead and in a place he refers to as Hell. No bright light, no relatives, no puppies or warmth. He's shackled over an "abyss" and naked. He hears the moans and cries of others (gnashing of teeth) and feels nothing but FEAR.

You can go to the BIO site to watch this episode, but his message was, HELL DOES EXIST. It's real and you're going to go to one of two places.

I've always preached (really) that you shouldn't fear Hell. FEAR TODAY. If you find yourself in HELL it's because you didn't take today for the Lord.

Don't Fear Hell. The time to worry about Hell is Today.


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