Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Things Falling off the Table

Gandhi once said:"Man can not do good in one aspect of life, while attempting to do bad in another. Life is one complete whole."

Ace says: "Every breath you take affects all four aspects of your life". Your very existence is like a table with 4 legs. A leg for each aspect of Life (The Physical,Mental,Emotional and Spiritual) Corresponding body parts? (The feet,brain,Hormones and Heart)

Man can not live with an uneven table. We need balance. One part is no more important than the other. The detriment of one leads to the deterioration of the other three.

The Feet:

The Physical life is influenced. (NOTE* I say influenced not controlled) by your movement. Your brain is vital in the movement of your mouth, throat and stomach leading us to your diet. Your diet has a tremendous effect on your physical life. Your mouth also ejects things like words. Sometimes the wrong words can have a vital if not fatal effect on your life. (Note*brain is important in this situation) Your brain via your mouth can get you out of awkward situations your Hormones have gotten you into.

Man is a mobile creature. (not sedentary) You have two feet. Use them. It stimulates the Heart,Brain and Hormones.

The Brain:

Your mental Life is the most flexible of the four. Knowing a few simple principles will keep you alive. (like how to keep all 4 of the table legs in shape) The brain can make you or brake you. But your brain needs oxygen. Your feet move your body so your heart can pump oxygen to your brain. You see how it's all related? They say KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. They also say a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing. (Tower of Power) Understanding Einstein's special theory of relativity will not help you nearly as much as knowing not to put your fingers on a hot stove top. The brain is capable of many great creations. Often being clinically smart loses out to being street smart. Again, the brain needs to network with the physical, emotional and spiritual to stay balanced. ie, PHDs are no BFDs in the HOODs, does that make sense? We fill our heads with specific knowledge and practical knowledge. Specific knowledge often stands alone and is great in the lab and on game shows; practical knowledge can keep you alive, help you avoid conflict and enhance your relationships. (more on this later)

The Hormones:

Be they testicles or ovaries, both can create or ruin a relationship. I call this leg the stealth leg. It gives teenagers acne. It causes the most brilliant genius or athlete to ride their mid-life crisis right off the cliff. Your Hormones effect your self-esteem, confidence, physical appearance, your MOOD (and I don't just mean aunt flow) Many diseases are linked to hormonal changes. (and visa verse) One problem we have is substituting false gratuity for physical gratification. (whether it be Ice Cream or Pornography) Sometimes a wink of an Eye from a stranger of the desirable sex can calibrate your Hormone levels. At other times, it can set them into a raging wildfire. However unlike the Brain and Body, your Hormones are a bit harder to keep in shape. (more on this later)

The Heart:

Worship God with all your Heart, Mind and Soul. (Spirit) Soul and Spirit are synonymous with conscience. HAR1 is the chromosome that was isolated and believed to separate humans from the other species of the animal kingdom. Your spirit is your eternal existence in the cosmos. Scientists argue over the weight of a corps before and after death. (trying to put a physical attribute on the spirit) I use the body part "HEART" because a functioning heart is the only thing that keeps the spirit anchored to the physical body.

The Spirit can heal the physical body quicker than antibiotics. The spirit can relax the brain enabling it to understand the most complex problems. The spirit can lead your emotional path back to a state of balance. I believe there are two things you take with you when you pass into the next realm. Your Spirit and your Memories. Your spirit is not only your moral compass, but your emotional compass as well. A healthy spirit will only allow you to get so negative before you start feeling physically sick. Then the brain can step in and help you understand your anger.

Some speculate that we were spirits before we incarnated or manifested in human form. The important question (and I feel it's often the most valuable question to ask is)WHY? My answer?

Contrast. (but more on this later)

Just remember that if you neglect any of the four legs supporting your table top, your plates, cups and forks will end up on the floor and you'll be spending your life trying to catch things as they fall.

Ace out.


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